Greetings from St Paul Public Schools mathematics! We are writing with joy, inspiration, and an invitation to join us in both.

‘Discourse’, ‘play’, ‘creation’, ‘agency’, ‘inquiry’. Terms that we know lead to high levels of learning, understanding, and engagement. In the age of distance learning, however, these have all but seemed impossible and left a lot of educators discouraged and uninspired.

‘Math With Me MN’ is a community engagement initiative. Students and teachers, collectively, will create math installations and experiences in their homes and communities designed to connect people to each other and to mathematics. A ‘math installation’ is a math experience that gets people to think about math in a friendly, approachable way

  • To reignite joy and play in (distance) learning, and to maximize student agency.
  • To see and experience mathematics in our homes, our communities, our public spaces.
  • To start closing the ‘distance’ in distance learning.

Video Preview: https://youtu.be/wmFvdGfE5uo 

More information: https://bit.ly/mathwithmemn

Resources: bit.ly/mathwithmemnresources

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